Intellectual Property Disputes

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With over 150 years of combined experience of our attorneys handling copyright, trademark, and patent disputes in federal courts and arbitrations, we always work with the client’s desired outcome in mind. We obtain temporary restraining orders, money judgments and permanent injunctions to stop infringers of trademarks and copyrights in myriad industries, including garments, graphic design, household furnishings, consumer goods, fashion accessories, works of fine art, television content, film content, movie and animation characters, images and logos, videogame content and characters, musical compositions, and dramatic works. Our attorneys employ innovative tactics such as pre-emptive suits for non-infringement to successfully defend clients against unwarranted accusations of infringement. When defending against infringement claims, we are adept at obtaining contribution or indemnity from other parties and insurers and quickly resolving cases when warranted by our assessment of exposure. We also litigate domestic and cross-border IP licensing disputes and have substantial experience with patent disputes.

Matter List

  • Obtained dismissal of frivolous copyright action and large award of attorney fees by summary judgment which invalidated the 25 copyrights in suit.
  • Obtained TRO, large money judgment and permanent injunction against infringement by broadcaster which intercepted and re-broadcast network feed of international television network.
  • Ongoing representation of worldwide entertainment company in claims for misuse of trademarks in movie logos and images and animated movie characters.
  • Ongoing representation of major film studio in cross-border arbitrations of claims for breach of IP license agreements
  • Represented California biotech company in ICC arbitration arising from termination of a patent license.
  • Counsel in federal court litigation between Silicon Valley company and former employee involving ownership of patent rights and alleged misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Chair of ICDR tribunal in patent indemnity dispute between major semiconductor companies from the U.S. and Asia.
  • Sole arbitrator in two separate technology license disputes between companies from the U.S. and Asia under the rules of the ICDR and KCAB.

Attorneys: Bryan King SheldonArnold BarbaMark T. HansenGrant L. KimPio S. KimPhillip F. ShinnGeorge T. BusuBethany J. Peak

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