Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

LimNexus is founded on trust and integrity, we take joy in working for our clients and with our colleagues. The continuous pursuit of excellence is our strength, and the promotion of equity for all and empowerment through inclusion is our heart. We strive to embody diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level.

More than sixty percent of our lawyers are ethnic minorities. We are multilingual, multiethnic, and multicultural. Our team speaks many languages, including French, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Mandarin Chinese, Romanian, Spanish, and Thai. More importantly, our diverse talent provides a rich source of perspectives, thinking, and problem-solving, enabling us to bring diverse thoughts and cultural sensitivities to enhance the spectrum of solutions we offer our clients.

LimNexus is a certified minority-owned firm and actively engaged with the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) and the California Minority Counsel Program (CMCP). LimNexus has received numerous awards for its leadership in DEI from leading diversity organizations, such as NAMWOLF, CMCP, MCCA and NAPABA, including, for example:

      • MVP Law Firm awarded by NAMWOLF

      • Minority Owned Client Service Award from CMCP

      • Thomas L. Sager Award for the Western Region from MCCA

      • Law Firm of the Year awarded by NAPABA

      • Law Firm Diversity Award from NAPABA

    DEI is more than a core value at LimNexus—it is our commitment to ourselves and to our community. We champion a wide variety of initiatives to make a meaningful impact on the legal profession and beyond.

    Women@theTable Series: LimNexus has organized a series of speaker panels and networking events for women lawyers branded as Women@theTable. These events focus on topics such as gender differences in building business relationships, how in-house counsel can champion women lawyers, litigation and trial styles for women, “The Woman Factor: How Women At the Top Impact Organizations,” and gender stereotypes at the bargaining table.

    LimNexus Gender Balance Committee: This Committee plays a central role in driving changes to achieve and maintain gender parity at all levels of the firm. It seeks to ensure that there is equity and gender balance in firm management and influence by advancing policies, procedures and structural changes that impact recruitment, hiring, retention, professional development, and promotion.

    Pipeline Initiative: The LimNexus Foundation each year grants significant scholarships to diverse law students through many ethnic bar associations and foundations, which is unique for a firm of our size.

    Champions of Diversity and Inclusion: Annually, LimNexus supports more than 25 bar and community organizations to foster diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and elsewhere. In addition, our lawyers lead bar associations, nonprofit and community-based organizations that promote DEI, fight against injustices, and provide much needed pro bono services to assist those in need. Several of our lawyers hold or formerly held top leadership, board, or committee positions with bar associations, legal services and civil rights organizations, civic organizations, and/or community-based organizations.

    Racial Justice and Equity Committee (“RJEC”) and the Social Justice Fund: Standing up for racial justice and equity, RJEC’s mission is to empower and support organizations working to advance racial justice and equity, and to inspire active personal engagement in building a more just society. The Social Justice Fund consists of donor-designated contributions to the LimNexus Foundation targeted to promote racial and social justice.

    Pro Bono: Our lawyers have provided many hours of pro bono services to help alleviate social injustice, to help right “wrongs,” and simply to make sure that those without sufficient means to advocate for themselves can have a voice.