LimNexus Foundation

The mission of the LimNexus Foundation is to advance gender, racial, and ethnic diversity and inclusivity, and social justice. The LimNexus Foundation offers assistance to members of under-represented and disadvantaged groups, including the disabled and the LGBTQ community, among others. Over twenty years ago, long before the phrase “pipeline initiative” came into common use, concerned about the lack of diversity in the legal profession, the partners of LimNexus began awarding scholarships to minority law students in an effort to seek a more just and inclusive bar and bench. In 2006 the partners formalized this effort with the formation of the LimNexus Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

LimNexus Scholarships

The LimNexus Foundation funds annual scholarships to diverse law students by partnering with many minority bar associations in diverse communities and California’s Change Lawyers for the selection of deserving students. The more than 140 recipients of LimNexus Foundation scholarships can now be found in positions where they have the opportunity to effect societal change, in major law firms, corporate legal departments, government service, and, of course, nonprofits providing legal services to communities of need. While the partners, lawyers and staff of LimNexus are extremely proud to have played a small role in the professional development of these scholarship recipients and in increasing diversity of the legal profession, they recognize that the effort is far from complete, and pledge continued support to foster a more diverse, and therefore more just, bench and bar.

Social Justice Fund and Racial Justice and Equity Committee

As spontaneous racial justice protests brought into clear focus the disproportionate killing and mistreatment of Black and Brown Americans at the hands of police and the continued systemic racism existing in the United States, the LimNexus Foundation again expanded its mission by developing a “Social Justice Fund” devoted to causes fighting against social and racial injustice. These designated funds are used specifically to support organizations and efforts that promote justice and equality for all. In conjunction with the creation of this new designation, LimNexus formed a Racial Justice and Equity Committee (“RJEC”) comprised of firm lawyers and staff to recommend the manner in which the Social Justice Funds will be put to use. The RJEC’s mission is to leverage our firm’s collective diversity, experiences, strengths, and compassion to empower and support organizations making a positive impact in the pursuit of racial justice and equity, and to inspire others to engage in building a society uniformly governed by the principles of equality, fairness, and justice for all its people. The RJEC seeks to allocate support for organizations focused on the goals of racial and social justice, fighting hate, and ensuring the right to vote. In addition, the RJEC is committed to providing opportunities for members of the firm to get involved through pro bono activities, days of service, and volunteerism for causes that are making a difference.

Contribute To Make A Difference

You can make a tax deductible donation to the LimNexus Foundation by:

    • Send a check payable to the LimNexus Foundation, 707 Wilshire Blvd., 46F, Los Angeles, CA 90017

    • Make a donation with a credit/debit card here


If you wish to specifically designate some or all of your donation to the “Social Justice Fund” please indicate so when you make your donation.