LimNexus LLP Donates $15,500 to UNICEF’s Protect the Children of Ukraine Campaign

Since February 23rd, 2022, nearly two-thirds of Ukraine’s estimated 7.5 million children have been internally displaced or forced to flee to neighboring countries to escape the ongoing crisis. Most of these children are unable to access day-to-day necessities, and many are facing this struggle without the psychosocial care crucial for healthy development after witnessing the horrors of the conflict firsthand.

LimNexus LLP, in conjunction with the LimNexus Foundation, is proud to announce that it has raised and donated $15,500 to UNICEF USA’s “Protect the Children of Ukraine” drive. This money was raised through the generous donations of the firm’s employees, with each dollar donated being matched by the firm, and will be used by UNICEF USA to provide the access to clean water, nutrition, healthcare, shelter, and psychosocial services Ukraine’s children so desperately need. Lisa Yang, chair of the LimNexus Foundation, says, “The generosity of these donations and the enthusiasm for this type of undertaking makes me proud of LimNexus and its people.”