Tax and Tax-related Fines and Penalties

The U.S. government has been increasingly proactive about investigating and prosecuting tax offenses relating to unreported foreign assets or income. In particular, the government has entered into numerous treaties or agency-level MOUs for cooperation in the investigation and exchange of evidence, with foreign jurisdictions. Using its extensive contacts in such foreign jurisdictions and knowledge of their laws, LimNexus is adept in anticipating the courses of investigatory cooperation between such foreign jurisdictions and the U.S. and in crafting solutions for clients.

Matter List

  • Successfully resolved numerous foreign bank account reporting violation matters for high net worth individuals and entities, including cryptocurrency brokerages, without having to pay fines or penalties.
  • Persuaded the U.S. Department of Justice to decline to indict an individual client for allegedly money-laundering $50 million after a five-year investigation.

Attorneys: Pio S. Kim

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