Primary and Secondary Economic Sanctions

LimNexus specializes in advising multinational companies, U.S. exporters, and humanitarian organizations on navigating the U.S., UN and other sanctions restrictions to lawfully conduct business while reducing or eliminating exposure to economic sanctions enforcement risks. This includes advising the client on compliance with the law, but also in conducting due diligence on counterparties, risk mitigation measures, building or improving internal compliance programs, conducting internal audits, making disclosures, obtaining UN, OFAC, BIS licenses, and more.

Matter List

  • Advised a global ecommerce company on reducing exposure to U.S. secondary sanctions on goods sold on its platform.
  • Advised and represented a non-US company that was providing large equipment and custom made heavy industry products for Russian oil and gas projects to reduce U.S. secondary sanctions risks.
  • Advised and represented a non-US company that was providing shipbuilding services to Russian oil and gas companies related to Russian LNG projects to reduce U.S. sectoral sanctions risks.

Attorneys: T. James Min II, Nicholas M. Roegner, Chelsea Ellis, Haley Kim, Brianna M. Krominga

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