Copyright & Trademark Registration

LimNexus attorneys are skilled in assisting clients in development of sophisticated strategies to protect their brands and other intellectual properties. Efficient and cost-effective federal registration and maintenance of trademarks and copyrights are just the beginning of the services our IP group provides. LimNexus attorneys are skilled at the strategic use and timing of T-TAB proceedings and other methods to limit, eliminate or neutralize existing marks and new applications which may impede a client’s use of a desired mark within a particular market segment. Using legal or administrative action to block or eliminate a competing mark, or as a lever for negotiation of joint-use or other agreements, LimNexus has successfully obtained protection for client brands in myriad industries and service segments where protection was initially thought to be impossible. In addition, LimNexus attorneys excel at helping clients in creative industries create cost-effective protocols and workflows for protection of their designs, artworks, photographs and musical and written works by timely individual and group registrations of copyrights.

Matter List

  • LimNexus advises creatives in numerous industries and endeavors whose employees create protectable materials. We represent garment designers and manufacturers, consumer product manufacturers, producers of home furnishings and products, makers of wall art, graphic artists, fine artists, photographers, newspapers and other publishers, television and radio broadcasters, and other online media and content producers.

Attorneys: Bryan King Sheldon, George T. Busu

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