| Jun 15, 2020 | Firm News |

We are outraged by the present state of racial injustice in the United States, as evidenced by countless wrongful deaths and harassment of Black Americans at the hands of police (of which the murder of George Floyd is only one example), social conditions including disparities in access to healthcare that are causing Black Americans to die from COVID-19 at more than twice the rate of Whites, and ongoing efforts to disenfranchise voters of color in many states. We must be part of the solution.
So far this month, LimNexus personnel have donated more than $10,000 to be given to organizations that support social justice. This action will be taken through the LimNexus Foundation, which has been the charitable arm of LimNexus since 2004 and awards scholarships to diverse law students each year.
We are expanding our pro bono work and our engagement with organizations that are fighting for justice. We have formed a Social Justice Committee, which includes members from all strata of LimNexus. The Social Justice Committee will determine which organizations receive the recently donated funds and will continually look for opportunities for us to be proactive in advancing justice.
As a firm of diverse people, we know all too well how harshly the powerless have been treated throughout history and up to the present day. We also know that changes have little effect unless they are deeply rooted and systemic. We are immigrants and children of immigrants—some by choice and others as victims of slavery—whose freedoms, property and citizenship rights have been trampled for centuries. We are racially and ethnically diverse and have witnessed and/or been subjected to prejudice simply for being who we are. Our firm’s legacy and values compel us to be a resounding voice and to take meaningful action for social justice and equity for all.