LimNexus Rolls Out Covid-19 Advisory Group

| Mar 26, 2020 | Firm News |

To assist clients making crucial and time-sensitive business decisions in light of the continually evolving regulations, restrictions and legislation, LimNexus has assembled a Covid-19 Advisory Group consisting of teams of attorneys with up-to-the-minute subject matter expertise in areas and topics of most immediate concern, including:

  • The scope and extent of closure, stay-at-home and other restrictive orders,
  • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act which imposes strict new requirements on employers regarding paid leave for certain employees,
  • The still developing CARES Act, which if enacted in its present form will provide substantial financial assistance to businesses,
  • Enforcement or avoidance of contracts and leases in light of government mandated closures,
  • Availability of insurance to cover losses from business interruption,
  • Impacts on tariffs and sanctions and other aspects of international trade,
  • Dealing with lenders when facing reduced or non-existent revenue,
  • Assistance to businesses considered “essential,”
  • Other issues arising from government efforts to address the global pandemic.

For assistance, contact any LimNexus attorney via or send an email to [email protected]