LimNexus Attorneys Successfully Ward Off Subpoenas Targeting Clients of Non-Profit Law Firm

| Jun 15, 2019 | Firm News |

Mark T. Hansen and Alexander Su

Earlier this year, LimNexus attorneys successfully thwarted the efforts of a large company to force a well-respected public interest law firm to disclose confidential information about its clients, certain undocumented immigrants who had previously been employed by the company.

The company is currently the subject of an investigation and enforcement action by the California Department of Industrial Relations (“DIR”) for alleged wide-ranging wage and hour violations, in which the DIR is seeking to recover in excess of $7 million. The clients, who are expected to testify against company in the DIR action, confidentially retained the non-profit law firm to protect their interests in connection with that action and possible claims against the company. This included protecting the clients against any attempts by the company to intimidate or otherwise threaten them based on their immigration status.

After learning that some unidentified former employees had retained the public interest law firm to represent them, counsel for the company served the law firm with a subpoena to produce documents that would have disclosed the identities of the law firm’s clients, as well as information provided to the law firm by the clients about the company. The public interest law firm then retained LimNexus to fight the company’s subpoena.

LimNexus attorneys Mark T. Hansen and Alexander Su filed a motion with the Presiding Officer of the DIR proceeding to quash to company’s subpoena to the non-profit law firm on the grounds that the subpoena was both improper and defective. Among other things, the motion established that the subpoena was, in effect, being used as a weapon to invade the attorney-client relationship between the public interest law firm and its clients, to drive a wedge between the clients and their chosen counsel, and to intimidate those clients from testifying against the company, as well as dissuade other former employees of the company from seeking legal representation.

Within days of its filing, and before the company could even oppose it, the Presiding Officer granted LimNexus’ motion in its entirety and quashed the company’s subpoena to the non-profit law firm. The DIR’s investigation and enforcement action against the company is ongoing.

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