Lim Ruger is Now LimNexus

| Aug 1, 2016 | Firm News |

After 30 years of proud service to our clients, we take immense pleasure in announcing today that Lim Ruger is changing its name to LimNexus LLP.  The name change reflects and embodies our evolution from a small but tenacious group of lawyers seeking social justice and serving the local community, to a statewide firm that has achieved international reach and relationships with clients among the Fortune 100 while retaining the ideals on which it was founded.  

The dictionary tells us that “nexus” means a series of “relationships” or “connections” or “the hub of a network.” LimNexus is that. LimNexus is connected to its clients by its uncompromising service and exemplary results. LimNexus is connected to its community by its unceasing pursuit of social justice, inclusion and diversity, and support for organizations of like mind. And LimNexus is connected to its lawyers and other team members by shared passions and a commitment to excellence.

As a firm, LimNexus is proud of its history, but is focused on the future. LimNexus is evolving to better serve its clients as they face new challenges in an ever-changing world. LimNexus embraces the next generation of maturing leaders of the legal community as they stand alongside the veteran attorneys to carry on this evolution.  Our engaged, diverse, and highly capable attorneys stand ready to form a nexus with you. 


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