About LimNexus LLP

About Us

LimNexus LLP​ is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, governments, and private entrepreneurs. We deliver cost-effective business solutions to our clients. Our lawyers have extensive big firm experience but understand the importance of performing first rate work with efficiency.

We are experienced lawyers ready to handle the transactional and litigation needs of our clients. Our practice areas include sophisticated real estate and corporate transactions, including high-profile commercial developments, mergers and acquisitions, financing, and international business transactions. We advise on investigations and regulatory enforcement as well as intellectual property matters. Our typical litigation docket includes high stakes commercial disputes, class actions, securities litigation, insolvency, and employment. Our seasoned trial lawyers are always prepared to be part of the solution.

LimNexus is a certified minority-owned law firm that epitomizes diversity and inclusion. We speak several different languages – Cantonese, Macedonian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Thai. We demonstrate inclusion at all levels. We embrace the diversity of our team of professionals, work to promote diversification in the legal industry, and we are leaders in our profession and in our communities.

What Drives Us

We are driven to deliver highest quality work with efficiency and agility to produce unparalleled value for our clients. As a diverse firm, we embrace every assignment as our chance to demonstrate that when legal excellence meets diversity, the quality of legal representation is elevated to a new height.

Our values do not allow us to waste energy in an inefficient, ineffective platform where the singular goal is generate excess profits. Our purpose is higher, and we’re not bashful about it. We fulfill our purpose with joy and pride. Our view is that happy lawyers make better lawyers!

How We Do It

When it comes to legal services, we do not agree with the notion that “you get what you pay for.” Our clients are pleasantly surprised by our fee structure and ask us how we can offer such exceptional value. There are a number of factors:

  • No brand premium. We don’t believe in charging the highest rate to protect or leverage our brand. We simply charge our efficient, reasonable fees.
  • Not a training ground. We don’t believe in using our clients’ money to train our younger lawyers. Instead, we hire the best lawyers laterally.
  • No defensive practice. We don’t deploy valuable resources to build exoneration evidence for our own defense. We understand that the “CYA” style of practice utilized by many firms isn’t fair to clients.
  • Not a billing machine. We don’t staff matters or cases in a pyramid structure to maximize billing. Our focus is on delivering excellent results and value.
  • Lean overhead. We work with state-of-the-art technology, and we are set up to maximize attorneys’ efficiency without compromising service to our clients.
  • Diversity. Diversity gives us the cultural awareness, as well as the language capability, to interact and communicate effectively and efficiently with a diverse base of clients and counterparties. More importantly, due to the extraordinarily diverse background of our lawyers, we have developed a broader and multi-faceted understanding of the global market and the technologically advanced, integrated environments in which today’s businesses operate, thus enabling us to provide sophisticated, customized professional advice to all clients. We believe in earning our clients’ trust and loyalty, and we have demonstrated since our founding in 1986 that we know how to do so.
  • Happy lawyers. We believe that the most important affirmative quality that leads to delivering exceptional value to our clients is having a great team of happy, outstanding lawyers. Our lawyers are committed to collaborating with one another selflessly and seamlessly, while focusing exclusively on getting the best possible results for our clients. Valuing our team and their work is a priority.